Illuminate your metrics

“…Lumics allows my network engineers to be network engineers and not monitoring tool administrators” 

- John H. CIO Financial Services

“Lumics is fast and the data is actionable…that’s rare with current monitoring tools”

- Barry W. SaaS Provider Director IT

“Set up was easy and took just minutes.  No more waiting for my server team to get things up and running”   

- Aaron J.  Senior Director of IT with Healthcare Provider

“with Lumics we can monitor and manage thousands of devices in a multiple tenant environment with one tool…it just works!”

- Mike H.  Service Provider

“it (Lumics) met our budgetary needs and exceeded expectations…enough said”

- Gary B.  CFO Managed Service Provider

“the decision (to use Lumics) turned out to be a home run…”

- Rob P.  Director of IT OPs Online Retail